Saturday, February 04, 2006

Michael Yon wins! 
The Army reverses course on Michael Yon's dispute over his rights to his own intellectual property.

Those Army lawyers seem to have forgotten whom they work for: Commanders, soldiers, and the people of the United States.


You've got the beginnings of a Proceedings or Parameters article in this subject of JAG influence in warfighting over the last few years.

One of the joys of my last sea duty was working with a guy we called the "Battle JAG"; a sharp lawyer who understood that the key to ensuring we did our jobs within the legal structure was to find a way to frame the problem as a "can-do" issue: not "you can't do this" but "you can do this IF you ensure this requirement is met and we're doing it already because the LTs have been in on the process and here's how we can achieve the mission". Sure made it easier for him to get listened to when he did have to point out we needed to restrict our ops.
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