Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well, maybe it was a bad strike after all ... 
CNN is reporting that Pakistani officials, including their prime minister, are dismissing reports that last week's missile strikes in Pakistan killed senior Al Qaada personnel as "bizaare."

So first reports are almost always wrong. But so are lots of other reports.

This might have been an Al Qaeda attempt to take some heat off of certain individuals, or foment discord between the U.S. and Pakistan - an excellent strategy for them in my view. Who knows for sure?

On the other hand, it may just be Pakistan releasing one story for public consumption, for internal political reasons of their own.

We may never know who was in that house. I'd like to know where the first report of DNA evidence confirming the identity of the dead came from.

Splash, out


maybe you didn't see it, maybe you did and just didn't feel like posting a followup , but a known al-Q sympathizer hid four of the bodies and buried them shallowly before any other outside investigators got there. those bodies have since been found and ID'd. we were effective, but didn't get the top guy we wanted-----janet in venice
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