Friday, January 20, 2006

Press Releases, not news articles 
Look at what passes for reporting at United Press International.

No research. No background. The reporter fails to note the fact that when John Walker Lindh was asked whether he supported the attacks on 9/11, Lindh said, on national television, "Yes, I supported it."

What kind of so-called "reporters" do they have over there?

Martha Mendoza from the Associated Press does no better. Actually, the Associated Press misses the "I supported it" quip and compounds the error when she lets fly, unexamined, Lindh's father's assertion that Lindh "thought he was rescued until US forces tortured him."

Alright, reporter - I want to know PRECISELY what he means by that claim.

Neither service bothers pointing out that Osama Bin Ladin had already declared war against the United States in 1998, before Lindh departed for Afghanistan.

His father lies. And the press acts as his enabler.

These two writers are note-takers - not reporters. And they really should quit and join a PR firm and work for the Lindh family. They sure didn't work very effectively for their readers.

Splash, out


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