Thursday, January 19, 2006

Knock, knock 
Contrary to my earlier post that US intelligence "screwed the pooch," DNA tests are confirming that the Hellfire missile attack on Saturday was an overwhelming success

I'm getting it via Bill Roggio, but most people I talk to about it still haven't heard:

The attack killed Al Qaeda's chief bomb maker, Abu Khabab al Masri. The former terrorist training camp commandant was, apparently, the head of Al Qaeda's WMD program, "Project al-Zabadi and was very likely behind the massive, foiled chemical terror attacks on Amman, Jordan, which, according to CNN, involved "tons of chemicals."

Winds of Change has more on al Masri, including reports that he was testing nerve gas on animals at the camp he commanded. al Masri trained the shoe-bomber (not well, fortunately) and Zacharias Moussoui, the so-called "20th Hijacker" of the 9/11 plot. (Pussy!)

Price on his head: $5 million, or enough to buy more than a half-dozen good-sized Citgo gas stations along the I-40 corridor between Memphis and Knoxville.

DNA reports are also confirming that we killed Al Qaeda's operational commander in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Khaled al Harbi.

No sign of Eamonn O'Zaighrahairaigh so far.

Splash, out


Yeah, turns out rule #1 in your Leadership Lessons from Iraq applies here.

By the way, this is my first comment here but I have been following along for what seems like forever now--since 2003 I guess.

Keep up the great posting and also keep beating those guys up over at Press Think. hehe
Actually, I'm getting information from someone reliable that we DID get DNA, and DNA does confirm the deaths of at least a couple of known high-level bad guys. Pakistan is playing the public information game.
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