Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hamas to form Army 
Won't recognize Israel's right to exist. Won't renounce terrorism. Won't renounce violence, plans to release known terrorist leaders from prison, including one responsible for ordering the assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister.

The losing party, Fatah, won't relinquish control of the security forces. Hamas plans to form an Army that openly includes its "militant" (that is, terrorist wing), but can't impose order, because Fatah sympathisers are storming police and government buildings, demanding that Hamas members who murdered Fatah members be brought to justice.

Yes. Let's give these people a nation right away.

Fatah is essentially signalling a coup by stating that they will not abide by the election results and fully turn over control to the new government. Things get quite crazy during coups and civil wars.

No, let's not give these people a nation right away but it's a positive thing that Hamas militants are being folded into the government force structure. We should note that. That means that Hamas violence can no longer be excused going forward as being done by non-government forces.

I look forward to Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade also getting folded into the armed forces. Once everybody with a gun is acting under orders, the shell game that has gone on for far too long will be over and the EU and US and Israel will either be giving money to support an entity at war with Israel or the entity will stop the war.

I hope and pray that the latter will be the case.
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