Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Arrogance of the Press Corps 
is embodied by UPI correspondent and White House press room fixture Helen Thomas.

Thomas was miffed today, because the President called on a whole bunch of other people at a press conference today, but didn't call on her. Ok, that would be frustrating for any reporter. (But the President is under no obligation whatsoever to call on any reporters at all).

I can understand being frustrated and disappointed. I've been in her shoes (though I was covering the SEC chair, not the President). But listen to what she says about it:

"He came on to my turf. I'll bet the next press conference will be in Room 450 of the EEOB."

Ms. Thomas, the White House is not "your turf." Nor UPI's, nor the press corps. You are not on the public payroll (NPR and PBS excepted to some degree) and I don't recall ever electing you.

The fact that you think the White House press room is "your turf" demonstrates that you've been there too long, and your mind has become warped by your sense of entitlement. Your tenure there has become a joke.

It's quite obvious why the President wouldn't bother calling on you - you're more interested in playing gotcha games with snarkiness than in advancing the public's understanding of government. I wouldn't bother with you, either.

As for your credibility, you have become every bit the partisan hack that Jeff Gannon was. But at least the Talon News Agency was open about itself being a conservative site.

Jeff is smarter than you are, too, unfortunately.

It's time to find something else to do, and give someone else your chair.

Splash, out


In fact she retired from UPI and now is a syndicated columnist. She should be shuffled to the back with the other independents but the press corps defers to her...after all she's Helen Thomas.
...and besides, she's awfully UGLY! I think her personality (if you can call it that) shows on her face. I wouldn't call on her for a lot of obvious reasons.
The press still has, and often high-handedly claims, a special role in serving the public and democracy. Taking up the airwaves scornfully lecturing the elected President and throwing hyperbolic, combative questions to further their own careers and visibility is an insult to the American public. They truly are a depraved pack of jackals, and its a travesty that they're allowed to set foot in the White House.
Well said!!!

I hope she gets to read your comments.

It's sort of like speaking truth to (assumed) power.

Well, I think making derogatory comments about her appearance is out of line. Nobody runs photos of her when she was 25. I'm sure she looked great.

It was classless when the Dems were attacking Kathleen Harris for her looks, it was classless when EVERYONE was attacking Linda Tripp for her looks, and it's classless here.

I'll comment on her words - she's a syndicated columnist after all, and doesn't treat anyone else with kid gloves, so she doesn't need to be either. But this is politics. It ain't personal.

Oh. Y tu mama tambien!!!
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