Friday, December 16, 2005

Insufferable European Hypocricy, part II 
And so it's official: Local pols in Arnold Schwartzenegger's Austrian hometown of Granz is taking the Terminator's name off their local stadium as a result of his denial of clemency to a man - I won't bother with his name - convicted of murdering four people.

Graz deputy mayor Walter Ferk said: "It is annoying that we are being criticised because of Schwartzenegger's actions in California. It is not exactly admirable for us to be connected with the death penalty. Therefore, I am in favour of renaming the stadium."

Link: http://www.thisislondon.com/showbiz/articles/21213348?source=Metro

This is a politician from a country which elected a known former SS officer and Nazi war criminal to its presidency.

Message to Austrians: I'm sorry you have more sympathy for California murderers. But he did commit murder in the state of California, and as you liederhosers are fond of saying: Regeln sind regeln.

Maybe Schwarzenegger could have garnered more sympathy in Europe if he had executed David Berkowitz instead.

Splash, out


Perhaps someone should point out to Austria that in America we execute murders. We don't execute people simply because they are Jewish.

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