Friday, December 09, 2005

Infantry and Combined Arms tactics in Iraq 
Courtesy of Instapundit, Owen and Bing West lay out how we make the sausage at the company level.
Interesting, but not too much new for the grunts in the readership. But it's a great primer for the lay reader. I was not aware that there was not one incident of fratricide in the fight for Fallujah. That's an amazing statistic, and says mountains about the entire chain of command.

Moreover, the integration of UAVs, TAC air, and Global Positioning Systems, including distributing GPS technology down to the squad level, says mountains about the chain of command going back a dozen or more years. It was people like Cap Weinberger, General Sullivan, Shinseki, Admiral Crowe, Colin Powell, and Generals Shelton and Shalakishvili and Secretary Cohen who laid the groundwork and created the tools we're using now.

And yes, Al Gore helped, too.

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