Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Germany frees a terrorist 
Now why in God's name this sorry bastard wasn't ruled a combatant and quietly transferred to Guantanamo indefinitely I'll never know:


The Germans sentenced him to life. And let him out in nineteen years.

The name of the man he murdered was Robert Dean Stetham. This thug and his co-orcs beat the crap out of Stetham before they shot him like a dog.

He stole sixty or more years of Robert Stetham's life, and the sorry-assed Krauts, who couldn't enforce a law against anyone but a Jew to save their lives, let him out in just nineteen.

The US should summon the German ambassador and lock the heels of his sycophantic boots together.

This dog killed a US citizen while committing an act of terrorism.

He is a combatant.

Find him.

Kill him.


Here is my letter to the German embassy:

Dear sir/madam

I am writing to express my condemnation of the decision of the German government to release a known terrorist and murderer of U.S. Navy Diver Robert Dean Stetham.

The man your government set free had served only nineteen years of a life sentence. In contrast, Mr. Stetham was only 23 years old when he was beaten, shot, and then thrown from the plane onto the tarmac. The man you freed stole more than 60 years of Mr. Stetham's life.

As a member of a known terrorist organization, and one known to have committed a particularly brutal murder in the service of international terrorism, this man should have been declared a combatant, and held indefinitely.

There was no reason whatsoever to parole this man, except one. Therefore, your government's assertions that his release have nothing to do with the release of a German hostage in Iraq ring hollow, and strain the boundaries of credulity.

It appears that your government has capitulated in a minor Munich of its own.


Jason Van Steenwyk

You can write them yourself here:


Thanks for the link. I dashed off a complaint of my own, culminating in my wonderment that the billions of dollars we spent to protect them from the Soviet Union are rewarded in this fashion.

If Germans can't figure out that appeasement of bloodthirsty killers is dangerous, then what can they understand?
i hope to heaven that u.s. special forces have launched some kinda of operation to track down this scum and kill him. dont arrest this scum and bring him back for trial. kill him asap.

'lets roll'
But that's not what mainstream America wants to know about. Sure, we want to capture Osama- but I am willing to bet that most Americans expect a trial. Why didn't we kill Sadaam? Is it better to let him go through this trial, letting his people kill every attorney close to the case?

If we killed this terrorist, America had better not find out about it, or the mainstream will be in a tizzy.
"Some believe they were finally successful as Hamadi's release occurred shortly before German hostage Susanne Osthoff was freed in Iraq. The archaeologist was taken on Nov. 25 and was said by German authorities on Sunday to be in safe custody."

..cowards and traitors..but hey,surprised...shouldn`t be..
Thanks also for the link. I still can't believe they let that POS go. As a Navy Vet from that era, I could have very easily been on that same plane....

Hamadi should have remained in prison for the rest of his natural life.

I hope he plans on looking over his shoulder the rest of his life--he'll need to--f*)&%^ coward.
I guess Germany released that POS Murderer Hammadi so they could get a former diplomat released--I hope the trade was worth it.....


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