Tuesday, December 27, 2005

German Appeasement of Terrorists 
Apparently the shameful release of Mohamed Hamadi, the man who murdered U.S. Navy diver Robert Stetham, wasn't the first time Germany had prostrated itself before terrorist thugs.

Don't miss this essential bit of background from the Counterterrorism blog.

A snippet:

But the basic issues remain of how restrained the press can and should be in reporting the movements or potential movements of SWAT teams, and how can the press avoid being manipulated by terrorist who seek to use them as propaganda outlets. The emergence of media such as Al-Jazeera, the favorite conduit for Bin-Laden’s tapes and tapes of the gruesome beheadings of hostage visits, is not encouraging.

Nor can we take encouragement in the German apparently caving in and quietly releasing Hamadi ahead of schedule. This latest German action again undercuts the international counterterrorism effort. It encourages the terrorists to believe that western nations, especially the Europeans, are soft touches and terrorists can continue their kidnappings for money and/or political motives and expect to be rewarded.

The German government should be ashamed —and brace for more of its citizens being taken hostage.

Yep. They're easy marks. Every German citizen has now been transformed by their government into a walking, talking certified check.

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Guess you called that one. A former German diplomat and family are ming in Yeman. The terrorists really upped the ante. What do you suppose the German's will trade this time?
Where is Chuck-freakin-Norris when you need him?
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