Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Folk Nazis Must Die!!! 
Now I've seen everything!!

From the Irish Echo:

Anti-hate crime groups have asked the Irish community to watch out for Neo-Nazi groups that are organizing Irish dancing and singing events as a way of luring unsuspecting young people into their groups.

The groups are speaking out after Neo-Nazis organized a well-attended Irish dancing class in St. Louis in February, without the participants knowing the true nature of the event.

A group called the National Alliance, the largest and most organized Neo-Nazi group in the country, is organizing Irish cultural events from New Jersey to California as a way of encouraging new membership. The group has hired traditional Irish groups that had no idea they were being used for Nazi propaganda.

One such traditional band, Molly’s Revenge, only discovered the truth when they turned up at an event in Sacramento, California, and discovered that National Alliance supporters were selling Hitler’s writings and baby blankets embroidered with swastikas.

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The Nazi's must be trying to coat-tail the Cerulian Blue exposure.
I wonder if these are the same human stains that left the Anti-Semetic literature on my car the night "The Passion" opened.
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