Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Eurohypocracy in action 
It's amusing to me that the man putting together an investigation into whether the CIA operated "secret prisons" in other sovereign nations in Eastern Europe is a Swiss national.

This hawkeyed vigilance for the interests of prisoners in points east is a pretty new phenomenon. Recall that the Swiss government made an official policy of turning a blind eye towards the assets of thousands and thousands of dormant accounts of Holocaust victims - men and women who had not been heard from since May 9th, 1945, for more than 50 years, all the while looking the other way while Swiss bankers fenced looted art collections and polished stolen gold, treating the families of Jewish holocaust victims as nonentities while obliging Nazis by transferring millions in assets back to wanted war criminals at the end of WWII. Swiss vigilance wasn't so eagle-eyed when UBS of Switzerland was exploiting the forced labor of 400 Auschwitz inmates at a cement factory it owned near the camp - a fact that UBS denied until 5 years ago.

It wasn't just bankers: There's the small matter of J-stamps on Swiss passports for Jewish citizens, as part of an official policy to guard against Uberjudung (excess Jews).

Creating a separate visa for "aryan" Germans and "non-aryan" Germans, thus making Switzerland the only other European country to adopt Nazi racist criteria into its refugee and immigration policy throughout the war (Sweden abandoned such in 1942.)

But hey, I'm only going by the findings of a commission headed by Paul Volker.


Switzerland to this day is home to billions in looted funds. Yassir Arafat's coffers alone amount to untold millions and perhaps billions - all while Switzerland winks and nods at stolen UN funds while they are loaned out to support economic growth in Switzerland on the backs of the Palestinian people.

And then there's the Austrians, criticizing Arnold Schwartzenegger for executing a gangbanger scumbag like Tookie Williams.

This from a country who elected a known Nazi war criminal, Kurt Waldheim, as president.

Meanwhile, I don't recall either Switzerland or Austria lifting a finger to oppose the modern-day rape camps and atrocities committed by Slobodon Milosevic - the proven magnitude of which dwarfs even the feverish worst of the allegations against the CIA into insignificance.

So raping Muslim women and girls and slaughtering their husbands and brothers in cold blood is OK by Europeans. But God forbid we put a panty on some terrorist's head in Romania in order to save the lives of Europeans.

You'd think after their citizens were murdered in Madrid and London and Bali (X 2) and attempted ricin poinonings in the UK and more attempted murders in France they'd learn a lesson or two.

Whatever helps them feel superior I guess.

Splash, out


Are you saying they have the "J" stamp on their passports even TODAY?!!
I just saw a CNNi piece on this story. They told how this 'commission' gound that there's enough 'evidence' to go forward with its investigation. Even CNN had to admit the Swede in question based this astounding finding on nothing more than reading newspaper articles about the charges. They admitted this Bozo has NO evidence and has done NO actually investigation.

No, they don't have the J-stamps on passports any more, as far as I know.

But Union Bank of Switzerland didn't even admit exploiting Auschwitz slave labor until five years ago. So things move pretty slow. I think that's the banking industry more than Switzerland.

But antisemitism still exists, and is still tolerated by the mainstream culture. For example, articles delegitimizing Israel and equating Israel with Nazi Germany continued to appear in mainstream Swiss newspapers in 2003 and 2004, according to the Stephen Roth Institute. And the Swiss People's party was the largest votegetter in the 2003 national elections. It's kind of like David Duke getting 26 percent of the vote.

Then there are the terrorist sympathizers in the RAS/RAZ, a descendant of the Red Army Faction, who have a habit of exploding small bombs around downtown areas, corporate headquarters, and police stations. These guys are virulently anti-semetic, too, by way of anti-zionism, which is the usual blanket draped over the bigotry pig.

Then there's 800 or so members of the "Black Bloc"

Much more here:
sp -1 "hypocrisy"
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Actually, I kind of like "hypocracy"-a rule by hypocrites.

I don't believe the mainstream, Josef Six-pack who works at the steel mill Eurpean shares the same views their media elite does. But their media elite is still their mouthpiece, and they still elect people like Jaques Chirac to office.

The Germans seem to have come to their senses though with Andrea Merkel. And I think Tony Blair's terrific.
Keep fighting the good fight.

"Rule by hypocrites"--beautiful!
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