Sunday, December 25, 2005

Commandeering is one thing. 
Locking the family inside when you know your actions will inevitably draw American fire, no doubt precisely to create civilian casualties for propaganda purposes is something else altogether. The idea that there may have been a rationale, a purpose, a strategy, behind luring fire to buildings with civilians in them, never seems to cross Ms. Knickmeyer's mind. She has all the evidence right in front of her, the pieces of the puzzle are right there in her article, but she is either unable or unwilling to put them together.

Read Dauber's entire excellent post vivisecting a Washington Post writer's column.

It is very likely that "sonething else altogether" translates to war crimes. Euphemisms should not be used. Name it what it is so the search engines can pick it out.

Jihad war crimes are very often a matter of durable, ongoing policy, policies that we, under the Geneva Conventions are obligated to stop. The only lever we have is in not according people privileges under those same Conventions and unleashing the full arsenal of war, unmitigated by pity or civilization until they stop getting noncombatants killed on purpose and committing other war crimes by policy in order to obtain combat advantage.

There are obviously gradations to this process of Geneva Convention enforcement. I believe the general principle is one of reciprocity. We need to find out what it would take to get these people to play by the rules. What is it?
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