Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You can do anything but lay off of my... 
Cori Dauber notes a WaPo piece that says the Guantanamo inmates are not exactly happy campers.

Dossari, 26, said U.S. troops have put out cigarettes on his skin, threatened to kill him and severely beat him. He told his lawyer that he saw U.S. Marines at Kandahar "using pages of the Koran to shine their boots," and was brutalized at Guantanamo Bay by Immediate Response Force guards who videotaped themselves attacking him.

Oh, great. Another Koran desecration story that the media doesn't bother to check out before going with it.

So why does it fall on me to point out that boots in Kandahar are suede?

Splash, out


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Subsunk said...
Now I'm laughing my ass off. Suede? Only a true idiot would believe the detainees over our Men.

Do you think these reporters will ever admit to looking like the dog that ate the ice cream out of the freezer, with sticky residue all over their face and the smears on the floor? Or will they just say, "I look adorable, don't I?" as the public winds up to kick their ass into the next room.

Oblivious to their lying, deceitful, wicked, evil ways, the adults of the world are leaving them behind. Link here:

It doesn't say they are losing circulation because they are biased, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

And Jason, I should know because I am a "Rocket Scientist".

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