Thursday, November 24, 2005

Why we fight 
While the Daily Kos and the leftist handwringers are pulling their hair out over whether the U.S. might have used White Phosphorus on armed combatants in full compliance with the laws of war, our enemies are targeting children by booby-trapping dolls with explosives.

Why can't you stand on your own 2 feet and be judged? Why the "X did this. We don't do that. Therefore we aren't bad."
The pentagon issued a report on the horrors of Saddam which listed among his war crimes the fact that Iraqui forces used Willie Pete on Iranian forces. WP was considered a chemical weapon in the report when used against enemy troops. The US use of WP as an incindiary against troops per se is not a war crime by Geneva standards. Using WP as an incindiary on a civilian center such as Faluja is.
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