Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well, I didn't make the deck of cards... 
...so I guess I'll invest in a cheap bottle of mouthwash and a dental dam and spend the next couple of weeks turning five dollar tricks in the local Pilot station truck parking lot until I get back my sense of self-esteem.

But congratulations to these terrific bloggers who made the clubs suite reserved for military bloggers.

American Soldier — Ace of Clubs
Blackfive — King of Clubs
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy — Queen of Clubs
Froggy Ruminations — 10 of Clubs
Michael Yon — 9 of Clubs
Wuzzadem — 8 of Clubs
Smash - Indepundit — 7 of Clubs
Mudville Gazette — 6 of Clubs
Risawn — 5 of Clubs
Bloodletting (Doc Russia) — 4 of Clubs
Argghhh!!! — 3 of Clubs
Baldilocks — 2 of Clubs

My comments: Mudville Gazette's only the SIX???? He ought to be the ACE! With Smash and Blackfive close behind.

I've never read Risawn, Wazzadem, or MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Guess I'm gonna have to start. (Like I can compete with the beauty of a Risawn or Baldilocks! AS IF!!!!!)

Hi Jason,

If it's any comfort, I always start my blog-reading day by starting with your blog and then sweeping through LT Smash, Blackfive and Mudville Gazette, usually in that order.
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