Sunday, November 20, 2005

U.S. Stomps on a cockroach? 
Looks like we might have killed Zarqawi again.

Now, that was the first report. And first reports are almost always wrong. But it's unusual for garden-variety scumbags to resist like this when cornered. The fact that three of these guys apparently blew themselves up to avoid capture tells me that if we didn't catch Zarqawi, we caught somebody big.

I hope it's Zarqawi. See you in Hell, motherfucker.

Others have noted the timing is interesting, and I agree. This capture comes just as Zarqawi's family publicly disowns him, and within days of the female failed suicide bomber being captured. It also comes very soon after Zarqawi well overplayed his hand, threatening to behead the King of Jordan and slaughtering dozens at a wedding party in an Amman hotel.

It could be that the bomber sang like a canary and sold out part of his safehouse network, leading directly or indirectly to his capture.

It could be that a close associate of his was sufficiently horrified by the attack in Jordan that he was betrayed by someone close to him.

It may be a combination of both.

Even if it's not Zarqawi, though, it's clear that U.S. forces hit a sensitive nerve with this one.

We've got friends in Mosul. Mosul is the same town that tipped us to Uday and Qusay's vile presence back in 2003.

It's a rough neighborhood, sure, but we've got our team in there, too.

Splash, out


UPDATE: The White House is downplaying the likelihood of it being Zarqawi.

If I were Zarqawi, and I had just pissed off one of my few remaining supportive populations like he just did with the Amman bombings, I might arrange for my own "death" and get a driver's license as Achmed bin Smith of Homs, Syria. Declare a clean sweep, brand new insurgency, square deal, boy aren't those Americans terrible? We're gonna kill lots of 'em. That Zarqawi guy sure did suck. We're much better these days, honest.
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