Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Times, They Are A'Lyin' 
Greyhawk has a few things to say about the way the New York Times consistently distorts the words of America's servicemen and women.

I've been to Iraq. And I characterized the Times disgraceful use of the words of an American hero as intellectually vacant moral cowardice. I was being generous.

Because I've seen numerous examples of such behavior on the part of the New York Times over the past several months. All involve selective quoting, misquoting, or simply claiming a GI said something without actually quoting them at all. Most range in repugnance from mildly annoying to grossly reprehensible - but in what I believe is the worst case they appear to attempt to frame a soldier for murder.

Greyhawk comes up with example after example. It's compelling.

I've written in a similar vein here.

It's not that the Times has betrayed soldiers. Their first obligation is not to soldiers or anyone else. Their first obligation is to the truth.

But the New York Times has betrayed the truth. Not just a few times, but consistently, time after time after time.

Their war coverage can no longer be taken seriously. And if their war coverage can no longer be taken seriously, they are no longer a serious national paper. It's sad, but it's settled.

Splash, out


Why do you read the NYT? It's just a pinko rag. If you want real thoughtful insight, read the WSJ. And don't say, "It's the paper of record!" Bullshit! It's the paper of lies, half-truths, outright frauds, and the stalinist (liberal) mouthpiece.
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