Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Taking off the gloves 
The Iraqis have had it with the terrorists, and they're gonna win this fight any way they can. Even if it means deploying the most heinous and cruel weapons known to man.

Not sure if those are Bb chanters. If so, it won't be long now.

No wonder so many moojies would rather die in place than be taken alive.

Splash, out


When you've got serious ass kicking going on, there's a piper in there somewhere.

In more serious news, though, I've heard rumors of a hidden basement where the officially denied 14th Iraqi Banjo and Accordion Brigade is said to be practicing....

Be afraid.
Your driving in your car in a dark road. You come upon a banjo and accordion lying in the road. Which do you hit first?

The accordion, business before pleasure.

(works as well with banjos, too!)
Ach, ye, slanderin' an instrument of angels.

Tim McNabb
Take THAT, you multi-culti UN liberals! I got yer world music crossover, right heahhhh....
thank god the iraqi army hasn't gone to kilts. altho i suppose having worn those 'man-dresses' for 6000 years, they would find nothing strange about it if they did. Ah, laddie....Men in skirts. very challenging to the status quo. ya gotta love it.
anyone who is stuck on 'cultural purity ' might as well hang it up. beween the french berets, french epaulettes, african safari khaki's, american chocolate chip desert cami's, scottish bagpipes, russian AK's...well, you get the point. everybody's everything nowadays. postmodern global shopping. just give it up already, people. we're hopelessly crosspolinated. once and for all, accept the fact: there's only one race, and that's the human race.
oh, and if i could choose my death, I'd be happy to succumb to death by bagpipes. where do i sign up? [it mus be the ancient bluud of robert tha bruce tha' runs in me veins, on me mother's side...]
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