Friday, November 25, 2005

Selective memories in the media 
As the media and the usual gang of handwringers fret and strut about whether President Bush may have suggested hitting Al Jazeera, let's see how many of them remember that Bush was not the first president to have bombed TV stations, and indeed, several were hit under NATO auspices, under the command of General Wesley Clark.

Tony Blair was already the Prime Minister of the UK at the time. And Blair himself said that the attack on the Belgrade TV headquarters, which killed more than ten civilians, was "entirely justified."

Was Labour screaming for his head then? Were the London tabloids?

I doubt it.

Splash, out


One primary difference between the examples you cite and the AJ allegations is that the AJ facilities are in an allied country as opposed to the one targeted.

I've got no problem taking out propaganda machines. But it would be counterproductive to drop live ordnance in the sovereign territory of an ally.
The Belgrade TRS was more than just part of the Serb propaganda machine. It was an instrument of Milosevic' command & control organization--a perfectly legitimate target by the rules of war, as supported in findings by the UN war crimes court.

It is unfortunate that civilians were killed in the bombing, but NATO made a every effort to provide warning. Milosevic essentially forced the victims to remain as human shields.

Also, for the record, it was only one broadcast station bombed, not "several" as the blogger asserts. There were a few relays taken out as well, as part of the same target array, but no loss of human life from their destruction.
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