Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Seizing the initiative 
That's what's happening in Ramadi this week, with just under a battalion's worth of U.S. and Iraqi troops participating in Operation Asad (Operation Lion).
The operation is taking place in the Tamim area, which lies on a gentle slope overlooking the highway that approaches Ramadi from the southwest.

It's long been a nasty little area, and more than a few U.S. troops have lost their lives along that stretch of highway, from IEDs and sniper fire. Come to think of it, Tamim is particularly vulnerable to moojie snipers because it's one of the very few areas in the region a skilled marksman can get off a long range (500m and up) shot at a major highway from some cover.

Watch for captured Dragonovs.

Terrorists in Ramadi are keen to disrupt the elections any way they can, and one of their lairs in Ramadi is Tamim.

Tamim is also near the university. It figures.

The best way to disrupt their efforts is to disrupt them FIRST.

With any luck, we'll hit some weapons stashes, capture some RPGs, IED making materials, and Dragonovs. Sometimes you'll come across a house with a sand table on the roof or inside, which moojies use the same way we do: To brief, plan, and rehearse upcoming operations.

Indeed, we've already drawn blood in the last fortnight, sending a platoon's worth of moojies to their rendezvous with death:

Since Nov. 16, operations by the Iraqi Army and 2-BCT have resulted in 32 enemy killed and the seizure and destruction of four weapon caches, to include: surface to air missiles, rocket propelled grenades, numerous rockets, mortar rounds, artillery rounds, hand grenades, landmines, small arms, small arms ammunition and various IED making equipment.

Now, here's what I don't get:

It's against the rules for any imbedded reporter (or blogger, for that matter) to mention the exact numbers of troops involved any any operation. It violates OPSEC.

So how come CENTCOM can do that very same thing right on their press release for an operation that is still ongoing?

Just sayin, y'know?

Splash, out


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