Monday, November 14, 2005

The President Strikes Back 

This time, the White House levels both rhetorical barrels at Senator Levin and hits him with a shotgun blast. From a White House press release:

Sen. Levin (D-MI) Tries To Separate Iraq From The War On Terror. SEN. LEVIN: "But before the war, the President was saying that you cannot distinguish between Saddam Hussein and Iraq. As a matter of fact, he said that so often that he tried to connect Saddam Hussein with the attackers on us, on 9/11, so often, so frequently and so successfully, even though it was wrong, that the American people overwhelmingly thought, because of the President's misstatements that as a matter of fact, Saddam Hussein had participated in the attack on us on 9/11. That was a deception. That was clearly misinformation. It had a huge effect on the American people." (CNN's "American Morning," 11/14/05)

But Sen. Levin And Other Democrats Previously Said That Iraq Was A Part Of The War On Terror.

Sen. Levin: "The War Against Terrorism Will Not Be Finished As Long As [Saddam Hussein] Is In Power." (CNN's "Late Edition," 12/16/01)

Sen. Levin: "We Begin With The Common Belief That Saddam Hussein Is A Tyrant And A Threat To The Peace And Stability Of The Region." (Committee On Armed Services, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 9/19/02)

Lots more at this link here.

And to make sure the return salvo didn't go unnoticed, the President quoted Senator Levin again in a speech today at Elmendorf Air Force Base. He doesn't name Levin by name, or anyone else. But comes back with further quotes from Democrats supporting the notion that toppling Saddam is part and parcel of the war against terrorism.

Sounds like Rove is finally back on the job. Mike McCurry couldn't hit a counterpunch against my grandma.

Reporters read this stuff. They have to hit the White House website to get their quotes right. As long as the White House ensures that these Democrat quotes are in every other White House press release, they are bound to make their mark. Reporters are liberals, but they love to catch someone on their own words regardless of party. It's what they live for.

As long as the White House keeps up the counteroffensive, Democrats will have to explain their own inconsistency and fecklessness. Their own credibility will become an issue.

The President can even take his case directly to the American people and leave the chattering classes behind. At his best, the President excels at this. But he needs to have good backup from his staff.

Looks like the White House press office is finally en pointe.

It's about time.

Splash, out


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