Friday, November 25, 2005

Morroccan-Spanish Al Qaeda ring smashed 
Debka is reporting that a large Al Qaeda ring planning attacks on American, Israeli, and European targets has been destroyed by security agencies in Belgium, Germany, the UK, Holland, and Denmark.

Debka is also reporting that U.S. Marines, pursuing several Al Qaeda leaders who had fled Mosul into Syria, have clashed with Syrian troops.

This is a major development if true.

Nothing yet on CENTCOM's site. Debka has a reputation of being somewhat less reliable than Drudge.

But Syria cannot be allowed to harbor Al Qaeda leaders without risking serious blowback. Syria cannot be allowed to offer Al Qaeda a safe haven for operations in Iraq. We have the leverage to push Assad on this matter. Assad has far more to lose than we do. The sheikhs upon whom he relies for power do not want an open confrontation with the U.S. It's bad for business. Al Qaeda's bad for business. Watch, too, what happens in Lebanon if the people there believe that Syria's Ba'ath party is on its last legs.

Pursue Al Qaeda wherever they are.

Splash, out


Our admin needs to do a far better job of staying on top in the sensitive and essential PR component of the War on Terror.

It's not enough to do what needs to be done to accomplish mission. They need to 'sell' the necessity of the need to the public.
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