Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I was pretty ticked 
To see that CNN whored itself out with coverage of a meeting in Tikrit disrupted by the nearby impact of a mortar shell. They aired it repeatedly today, listing where it happened and approximately when.

If the impact was, indeed a mortar, then we have effectively advertised the distance and direction from the mortar firing point to the palace for the moojies to see on Sattelite TV. We've confirmed what they may not have known: That their mortar settings were correct.

That's the kind of information that could easily cost a life down the road.

That info should have been blacked out, if the crew was embedded, or CNN should have waited a few days, or not mentioned the city, or both.

Meanwhile, CNN had no coverage whatsoever on the most important thing going on in the country right now: The offensive near the Syrian border. None.

So CNN whored itself out for 10 seconds of compelling video, while simultaneously endangering our troops and failing its responsibility to its viewers to help them understand what's going on in Iraq.

That's quite an accomplishment for one segment.

Splash, out



You know what we need? A detailed thorough explanation/study from a military standpoint that puts it all together for us lay types of how the media is ACTIVELY affecting the War on Terror.
I'm also curious how much coverage they gave the *other* 28 handovers. My suspicion is "none".
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