Sunday, November 13, 2005

I just lost a lot of respect for Phil Carter 
The proprietor of Intel Dump has this to say:

The United States and its allies WERE determined to keep WMDs out of the hands of extremists and prevent them from gaining control of any country. They have failed. I can list three countries that are working toward or already have Nuclear Weapons AND are in the control of extremists, thus threatening the entire world:

North Korea
The United States of America

I suppose one could be charitable and suggest he's just being snarky. But there's no excuse for equating a democratically elected secular government with a variety of checks and balances, which safeguards the rights of its citizens, with the brutal and repressive regimes of Iran and North Korea.

No excuse at all.

Splash, out


UPDATE: Emailers and commenters have written in to point out that these words are not authored by Phil Carter at all, but by a blog partner, J.D. Henderson. I regret the error.

My point still stands, though.

If I found someone was using my blog to badmouth my country in such a way, I'd yank his password faster than he could call me "fascist."

The post is signed by a J.D. Henderson. I'm not a regular reader of Intel Dump, but I believe Phil Carter is deployed right now and he turned over Intel Dump to a team in order to maintain content level.
Eric is correct. Here is Phil's announcement back in June that Intel Dump would become a group blog due to his assignment to the 101st Airborne for deployment to the desert:


And here is Intel Dump's introduction for J.D. Henderson:


I hope you'll edit your post, Jason, for all of us readers who respect you both.
I would assume that Phil would invite guest writers who were aligned with his line of thinking or opinion. With that in mind the posters don't surprise me since Phil had been highly critical of the war in Iraq and the Rumsfeld/Bush/Cheney team.
I'm J.D. and I wrote that. Phil did not. He has asked me to comment on Intel-Dump while he is off serving our nation in a time of war.

As for your claim that I was using the blog to badmouth the US - far from it. I said it was in the control of extremists. It is. Calling Bush and the far-right "extremists" is an attack on them, not this nation and our Constitution that I swore to defend.
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