Friday, November 04, 2005

From Afghanistan 
A compelling account of a successful raid.

Now we had the place contained but night fall was approaching and we quickly decided that with all of our detainees (30) we weren’t going back they way we came because that would spell ambush for sure. I decided to hunker down there for the night and arranged to have the detainees flown out the next morning. It got cold that night as we accumulated all of the cache. We had the detainees surrounded in a field outside and they were freezing. We all carried an extra chow with us and all had “snivel gear” cold weather gear on us as well. This was just after the abu ghraib prison deal so we did things by the book. They were cold, hungry and tired. As we searched d them we provided security and gave the detainees “our” chow and “our” cold weather gear as the Marines froze and went hungry. We defiantly treated them better than ourselves.

Read the whole thing. Very good stuff.


(H/T Greyhawk)


Missed the link. Looks like a good story.


Capt. B has been my pen pal (through AnySoldier.com) since the spring of 2004. Glad to see he's getting his new blog noticed!

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