Friday, November 25, 2005

Compare and Contrast 
While the knuckleheads at Think Progress and Pandagon are bemoaning the use of White Phosphorus on terrorists in Fallujah, the moojies have once again outdone themselves, setting off a bomb while American troops were passing out candy to children, and killing 30 and wounding 40 more. Mostly women and children, according to the Associated Press.

The New York Times misses the candy angle altogether, and edits it down to "near an American convoy."

The New York Times also blows another aspect of the story: It notes a bombing in the Southern Iraqi town of Hilla, killing at least three, without further comment or description. It fails to note what the AP gets: The bombing targeted a crowded soft drink stand.

The difference between the two accounts is huge: Where the Associated Press is pulling no punches and describing the attacks as the monstrous atrocities they are, the New York Times account makes them look like legitimate acts of resistance against military targets.

Furthermore, the Times can't resist getting a not-so-subtle dig at U.S. forces:

The recent spate of suicide bombings has called into question the American military's assertions that it has effectively clamped down on such attacks.

The Times' failure to note the relevant details of the recent suicide bombing attacks calls into question their willingness or competence to accurately report the war.

Splash, out


Hat tip to Phil Van Treuren

Camp Katrina makes a sharp observation:

Why am I not surprised at these halfwits?It is sad that they think they're smarter than everyone else but if they were as samrt as they think,why is their circulation drying up?
All Things Beautiful TrackBack 'The Thanksgiving Gift From Al-Qaeda':

"You want to throw leaflets and not bombs at the terrorists. You want to come to a gunfight armed with a knife. Well good luck, you can kiss goodbye to that liberty you hold so dear, and treasure as the banner on your flag of democracy."
I feel your outrage Jason, but think you are making a fundamental mistake - you think the majority of the American media ought to have a "pro-America" or "pro-truth" mandate. Sadly, I feel that the possibility of that disappeared in the 70's. These days, I'm surprised to even see them get the things we've done wrong accurately...

The truth has beeen sacrificed on the altar of sensationalism.
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