Sunday, November 20, 2005

Coalition Forces Stomp on Another Cockroach 
This time we nabbed a bomb-maker and technology expert for Al Qaeda.

Nine more terrorists were taken down in two separate operations elsewhere in Iraq.

And this CENTCOM press release details a number of recent successes on the part of increasingly active and heads-up Iraqi security forces.

The Iraqi Army took the lead in a cordon and search designed to ferret out anti-Iraqi forces cell leaders tied to the development, distribution and emplacement of improvised explosive devices. During the operation in Sadr City, the Soldiers from 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 2nd Iraqi Army Brigade, along with U.S. Soldiers from 2nd Brigade Combat Team, detained 23 individuals and seized weapons, ammunition, and terrorist propaganda materials.

This is just one example of the Iraqi Army’s ongoing presence throughout Baghdad as its Soldiers thwart terrorist activities in local neighborhoods. During the three-day period, Iraqi Army units conducted more than 1,250 patrols.

In another cordon-and-search operation Nov. 15, a platoon from 1st Battalion, 2nd Iraqi Army Brigade nabbed five members of an anti-Iraqi forces cell who were planning an attack on the Italian Embassy in Baghdad. The Iraqi Soldiers also seized two vehicles which the terrorists had planned to use in the attack.

U.S. Soldiers from 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division conducting operations in southwestern Baghdad conducted a knock and search of a house Nov. 15. When the owner appeared reluctant to open a shed on his property, the Soldiers grew suspicious and searched the building. Inside, they found wires, computer parts, timers and 14 magazines for AK-47 assault rifles. The individual was detained for further questioning.

An alert Iraqi Police officer discovered an improvised explosive device in a black bag near a bus stop in west Baghdad Nov. 16. Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division responded to the incident. An explosive ordnance disposal team summoned to the scene confirmed the bag contained an anti-tank mine wired to a detonation device. The EOD team recovered the explosives and rendered the area safe.

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But, that can't be right. The Dems say we are losing and the Iraqi forces are just a figment of Rummy's imagination.

Tim Russert said so!
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