Sunday, November 06, 2005

Its amazing how far the Inspector Cluseau editors at the Washington Post can take this story and not notice the 900 pound clue lying before them:

Here's the hed and dek:

Rage of French Youth Is a Fight for Recognition

Spreading Rampage in Country's Slums Is Rooted in Alienation and Abiding Government Neglect

Aw, geez, see anything missing here, Inspector Cluseau? Anything out of the ordinary at all?

Is this really the "Outrage of French Youth" writ large? Or are we talking about a very specific subset here? A specific subset which, ohhhhh, might have a thing or two in common, which separates them from most French youth?

Think it juuuuuust might be relevant to the story?

Why on earth are you dumbasses going through so many contortions to avoid the words "Muslim" or "Arab" in the headline?

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