Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ace of Spades is calling liberal patriotism into question 
Given the numbers he cites, I am too.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.
Its a hell of jump to take what the poll actually said, and suggesting that nearly all self-identifying liberal is going to give returning soldiers a cool reception. Here's my reply to that post:

While I wouldn't dispute the fact that some, or possible many anti-war liberals would not treat veterans as returning heros, interpreting this
poll as suggesting that:
So, let's put it in stark terms: almost half of all Democrats wouldn't warmly welcome Iraq War veterans, and, we can deduce, around 90% of
lefties and self-identified liberals.

First of all the poll asks:

These days, do you think most Americans give veterans of the Iraq war a
warm reception, a cool reception or look the other way?

The questions did not ask if the responder themself give a warm of cool reception - but if they thought Americans, as in the rest
of the country, would.

The next question then asked:
Do you agree or disagree that veterans of the Iraq war deserve respect
for having served their country in the armed forces?

98% Agreed: 94% Somewhat agreeing, and 4% somewhat agreeing.
1% Disagreed, and 1% Didn't know.

Hardly the huge numbers of cool reception-giving liberals. Even if that wasn't the case, to take the 23%, and assume they represent the majority
of the ~25% of self-identifying liberals is a falicious jump to make - unless they actually correlated that to their answer to your question
(which is not the one they actually asked).
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