Friday, October 21, 2005

Update: 1LT Murphy, Bushite marrionette, is a registered Democrat 
Proof here (scroll way down.)

I noticed a few inconsistencies with your page. I wonder how I was quoted praising Bush in 2003, when I didn't arrive in country (Iraq) or make any comments prior to December 2004. Some other interesting factoids that your blog missed: I am a registered Democrat. I have voted that way for the past 12 years. Not until my recent deployment have my views started moving over to the right. The reason I support Bush, is because Bush supports all of us over here. We are using the latest and greatest equipment, our families are better protected by a higher death benefits and health insurances, our pay is higher than ever, and the President fixes shortcomings that we tell him about – up armored tactical vehicles....

I'm sorry that the improvements of the Iraqi Army and other Iraqi Security Forces is not as evident to you as they are to me. My unit has logged over 15,000 man hours this year training the Iraqi Army. Our police teams have logged over 6,000. They are getting better at their jobs, we've invested a lot to make that happen.

And yet another infantilizer of soldiers gets his face rubbed in it.

Splash, out


From the comments on that site you referenced:

(teams come as squads from platoons, two platoons per company--a unit can be up to division strength of a 1000, so for this i arbitrarily chose just one company of 100+ soldiers)

Wow! This math is mind boggling! heh!

Attacking the troops - by name - personally = supporting the troops.

Battalions have now become Divisions

Companies are now made of two Platoons

Must be an Army thing! ;-)

The LT is ignerunt because he doesn't read leftie websites

The LT is close minded because he believes what his eyes tell him

On the ground

Actually there doing the work

Yep! they are way too intellectual for me to argue with. I've always aspired to be an elite intellectual but the dam* facts just keep getting in my way!

'Sides, it's raining and time for my monthly bath.

The Great Unwashed
I am pleased that the LT reports his unit is having success training the Iraqis.

Still, I am forced to balance that report with this one:

That one tells me that there are now 116 Iraqi ground combat battalions of various states of readiness in operation today. That's a sizeable increase in combat power over the last year and looks like good news.

But - the introduction of those 116 units has not reduced the demand for U.S. ground combat battalions by 1. Indeed, we had to increase our presence to secure the vote last week.

Additionally, enemy OPTEMPO, as measured by number of attacks per week, has increased over the last year.

So I appreciate the LTs service. And I know he believes in what he's doing. But I have trouble reconciling his account with the DoD report and measures of effectiveness you might think would apply.

Oh - and as much as I'd rather not link to the NY Times, there is this: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/22/international/middleeast/22baghdad.html
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