Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shill, indeed 
Here's a reader's email, explaining, in detail, why it's especially rich for Mr. Lovelady to be accusing Mr. Yost, or anyone else, of being a "right-wing shill:

While sparring with Steve Lovelady, it's worth remembering that his ultimate
boss, CJR chairman Victor Navasky (who is also the publisher, editorial
director and possibly co-owner of that commie rag The Nation) was secretly
running the CJR for about a year *without any public acknowledgement of any
kind* - until forced to by outside inquiry by bloggers.

Read this all the way through, and you'll realize why I wasn't surprised at
Lovelady's BS about you and other bloggers.


Here's Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt on the whole thing:

Mediacrity with a great summary:

So the CJR hides the identity of its shadowy, lefty agenda-pushing boss
until exposed, and Lovelady dares question the honesty and integrity of any
media critic? After the Navasky affair, I wouldn't expect too much
intellectual honesty from the CJR or any of its employees, sir.

Perhaps you knew about this already and were too much the gentleman to bring
it up - however, I think it's fair game, given his slurs against your work
and the work of hundreds of other citizen-journalists.

I remembered something about it. But I don't have anything against Navasky or The Nation, particularly. William Greider is STILL one of my favorite reporters anywhere.

It's funny to learn that Navasky is one of the co-owners of The Nation. According to The Nation's own advertising, "nobody owns The Nation." Nation readers tend to get upset when I point out that that's a flat-out lie: Somebody owns "The Nation."

It's ok to be a lefty. It's not ok to be a sloppy thinker or intellectually dishonest. Hitchens is a great example of a disciplined, intellectually honest thinker on the Left. Which is why he's especially good at giving the lefties conniption fits. Pat Robertson's an example of an undisciplined and sloppy thinker on the Right.

Splash, out


Splash, out


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