Monday, October 10, 2005

Pullet Surprise 
News item spotted on Fox:

French-Bashing Chicken?

The French are at it again, this time accusing the U.S. restaurant chain Subway of engaging in French-bashing. In a recent ad campaign Subway promoted its chicken cordon bleu sandwich with a picture of a chicken dressed as Napoleon and the caption "France and chicken, somehow it just goes together."The ad sparked such a backlash from France's expatriate community that Subway was forced to cancel the campaign. Critics took this as a reference to French cowardice, while Subway insists it was simply trying to equate its sandwiches with France's fine cuisine.

Hat tip: Blackfive

...And Greg Tinti has a picture of the ad.

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While not having a lot of courage has been one of the gripes about French National behavior.

The Gallic Rooster became associated with French Nationalism arond the time of the Renaissance. The rooster was replaced with the eagle by Napoleon, but the rooster made a comeback, one of many in the 19th Century and there are numerous French Coins that have the rooster on them and the Elysee has a set of wrought-iron gates with roosters on them (Rooster Gate) and can be seen to this day. There is also a poster from the 1st World War where the rooster is a "fighting cock", a rather vicious animal in itself, (which you as a person from Hawaii should know) fighting the Prussian eagle.

I think it would be appropriate that the chicken was dressed up as Napoleon, who said, "The rooster has no power, he cannot be the image of an empire the likes of France."
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