Sunday, October 16, 2005

New York Times Op-Ed: Conservatives have given up on traditional news 
The piece itself is behind the TimesSelect firewall, so it's not having the resonance it should.

Here's the piece as exerpted by TimesWatch.org:

Later Tierney notes: "A lot of young conservatives and libertarians have simply given up on the traditional media, either as a source of news or as a place to work. Instead, they post on conservative blogs and start careers at magazines like The Weekly Standard and Reason, knowing these credentials will hurt their chances of becoming reporters for 'mainstream' publications -- whereas a job at The New Republic or The Washington Monthly wouldn't be a disqualifying credential."

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Not being a Times Select subscriber, I was interested enough in this article to explore the on-line resouces of my local public library. It seems that I can still access the NY Times if that library access is used.

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