Saturday, October 15, 2005

Media military cluelessness in history 
Here's a damning account of media fecklessness, arrogance, and incompetence in assessing claims of Gulf War Syndrome. It was written way back in 1997 by Michael Fumento.

Here's Fumento's description of how he tried to get to the bottom of a soldier's claim that he had some very unlikely symptoms: He vomited flourescent yellow every day for years "like chemlight fluid" and had lupus, as a result of his experiences in the Gulf War. Fumento talked to his doctors, who said that none of their patients had ever displayed those symptoms.

Here's how the press reacts to someone checking their work:

What exams could Hanchette possibly have been referring to? I politely called Hanchette four times just to say I wanted to talk about his story. He didn't call back. I called twice more to say that I had reason to believe he had engaged in unethical conduct and that I wanted to give him a chance to respond. He still hasn't called back.

So I called Hanchette's editor, Jeffrey Stinson. In defending his reporter, Stinson noted twice that Hanchette was a Pulitzer winner, called my questions "a crock," and said he really couldn't comment further without seeing the relevant material. I faxed over Martin's testimony, Hanchette's write-up, and a list of questions. Stinson's response: "Our stuff is good; it's accurate. You're full of it, pal. Bye." Then he hung up.

Read the whole thing. It's a telling tale of how the media can be led astray because they're too often only half-educated, and lack critical reasoning skills necessary to assess the validity of sources on medical and military stories.

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