Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma 
Just recieved my formal battalion warning order ten minutes ago.

We've been working through contingencies and implied tasks for the last couple of days, though, both at company and battalion levels, and I've already spoken with most of my element leaders.

Blogging will be very light, and may become nonexistent for a little while, as I get busier. Exact timeline is still to be determined. A lot depends on what happens with the Keys. That really affects the timeline.

Assets are already in motion, and email accounts and phone lines are abuzz.

A special thank you to employers of Guardsmen!

Thanks for reading and for your patience.


No, our thanks is to you and all our military who are doing yoeman duty here, there & everywhere! Seems there's no rest at all, huh?

I thought you'd be pleased with the Ramadi account at warriorsvoice. I liked it!
damn.... sounds like a lot of logistics involved in this...

why can't you just wait until you know for sure and still get there w/i 24 hours?

For the next hurricane tracking chart ; the easy way to keep going.
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