Thursday, October 13, 2005

CNN absolutely breaks its back trying to avoid the use of the term "terrorists."


Is this the same organization that committed the Beslan massacre? The same guys that took over that theater in Moscow? Are these the same people who used to blow up apartment buildings in Moscow? What's the connection, if any?

This is obviously a violent Wahabbist organization. Is CNN aware of any reason we should NOT consider them terrorists? They don't say, one way or another, although local Russian officials seem to think so.

They're operating in at least company strength...and I'd say more likely battalion strength or even higher here. If 60 get killed, there's probably 500 more who get away.

If they're being "chased" by Russian helicopters, that's a good sign. The Russians have them in the open where they can bring firepower to bear.

But why is CNN making such a show out of avoiding the term "terrorist?"

Lastly, look at the very last sentence, which, by way of lending "context" and "perspective," reads simply: "The Wahabbis are a sect of Islam."

Nothing more.

This is what passes for journalism and reporting.

Splash, out


Oh but they are Freedom Fighters! Freedom Fighters! You can't make any distinction between Freedom Fighters and Terrorists. That would be using "loaded language", a big journalistic No No.
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