Saturday, October 08, 2005

Former POW Sues John Kerry 
A former Viet Nam veteran is suing John Kerry, alleging a coordinated conspiracy and campaign by Kerry, Podesta, and others to discredit and silence Sherwood and Stolen Honor through a campaign of "knowing, deliberate, and malicious falsehoods about Sherwood and Stolen Honor" and of "illegitimate and malicious threats" directed at those who had agreed to show the film.

For his part, a Kerry spokesman responds by saying:

"This is simply more of the same smears and sleaze against a decorated Vietnam veteran from more of the same serial liars who disgraced themselves in 2004."

Of course, the Kerry spokesperson might not have run his mouth so much if he knew who it was who was suing him:The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Col. Bud Day - a legendary officer, and the most decorated serviceman since General MacArthur. Day spent 67 months as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, and was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Who's discraced themself here, Senator? I'd like to know.

I'd like to know how it is you believe Col. Day has disgraced himself?

Legal history and links to documents here.

Hat tip: RedState.org, who has a series of comments from Kerry sympathizers, too.

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Gee, can you get any dumber than criticizing COL Day as a "serial liar(s) who disgraced themselves in 2004"? Who the hell runs Kerry's press office? Were they born stupid or did working there make them that way?

no--they're not stupid; they just think those who voted for Kerry are stupid and thus they'll believe the "serial liar" smear. And, for probably 90% of the Kerry supporters and liberal left, they're probably right.
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