Friday, October 21, 2005

FEMA emails 
Michelle Malkin's got 'em here.
I don't have time to speculate at length. Busy ramping up for drill and then hurricane duty shortly after.

My first impression is that Marty Bahamonde comes across as a hysterical whiner.

Yeah, everybody does when they're in the fight, and tensions run high. But what exactly was Brown supposed to do? Run around and panic?

All Brown has to do at that point, is make a call of his own. "Hey, bud. Marty's on the ground in New Orleans and he's asking about oxygen, MREs, and water for the convention center. Did we get our hands on some for that area?"

"Yep. Sure thing, boss! It's en route. Should be there early tomorrow!"

"Roger. Ok, thank you."

End panic.

Go have dinner, Mr. Brown. We've got you covered.

The most important thing Brown can do is think, and follow through. He does not have to run around like a chicken with his head cut off, like Bahamonde does, to judge from his unprofessional emails.

And again, the press makes more of this than really exists.

Malkin says that Chertoff acknowledges that Katrina overwhelmed FEMA resources. Well, yes! Nobody disputes that. But that fact is not in and of itself evidence of gross mismanagement.

If anything, it's a mitigating factor. Malkin doesn't seem to grasp that.

It's become fashionable to plunge knives in Brown's back. But I haven't seen any evidence that Brown was anything other than a dedicated public servant who made some mistakes along the way. But he was, and is, far from incompetent.

And he's head and shoulders above Marty Bahamonte, here.

Splash, out


Anyone who listened to even five minutes of Brown's testimony and came away thinking the man is a dimwit had already decided that ahead of time. He was extremely articulate.

Delete this post... this blog is so obvious it stinks.

Nepotism caused massive problems. We're lucky it wasn't worse. Brown was not the right man for the job, but he got it anyway. How many other people in this administration are in the same boat?

This is sickening.
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