Friday, October 07, 2005

Dems show signs of life 
The great old party that the Democrats USED to be is exhibiting some vital signs.

Hope these guys get some traction. I fear that the Democrats will have to lose another round of elections before they fire that embarrassment Dean and get serious about appealing to the core values of this country.

Trying to win a 50-state election with a 13-state strategy is beyond stupid. It's amazing to see the barking moonbats clinging to the idea still.


Splash, out


Frankly, I hope the Dems win in 2008. I believe Hillary will take the terror war seriously in a way John Kerry won't. Also, having a democrat as president will end the unholy alliance of democrats and extreme anti-war groups such as ANSWER.

I hope it's Hillary vs Rice.
Looking at the reception the article got on TalkLeft, Eschaton, and DailyKos, it's pretty clear that the professional losing class is in no mood to listen. They want to continue with the ultra confrontational rhetoric of Dean and MoveOn.

The answer, of course, is to ask them "Ok. And how is that working out for you so far?"

Kos will shut up and march to Hillary's beat once Hillary locks up the primaries. Kos didn't do anything to damage Kerry, after all.

And Hillary will tack to the center when she needs too.

Kos isn't an asset to the dems but he's not a liability either. The lefty blogs just don't effect things.
The Times' staff is likely part of the "growing liberal base" of the Democratic Party the researchers were criticizing. The reaction against their findings was pretty evident by the last sentence of the article, which basically states that the strategy these guys were recommending helped Clinton get elected. "Hey look, he executed a retarded prisoner and he won!"

Typical gratuitous slam by the paper.
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