Saturday, October 08, 2005

Chapomatic has some good stuff up on Michael Yon and criticisms of him.

There’s a reason the reaction to Yon has been visceral. He’s filling a need people had, and that need is still there because he’s one of the only guys filling it. That’s why his work is better than some guy relying on Iraqi stringers to bring him something he can cobble into “Death Toll Rises As Morale Drops: Equipment Failure Overshadowed By Defeats”. Perhaps you newspaper guys might want to figure out why he’s so popular in this little corner of the world, and see if there are lessons to be learned from his methods. You can help him get an editor while you’re at it, sure–but some people really like his writing, too, and the blogosphere has a data-corrective effect you may have not noticed before…

Read the whole thing.

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