Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why does it take a three-star 
to run the relief operation for Rita?

Just watched part of an interview on TV with LTG Robert Clark, who I'm sure is a fine officer. I've not yet met a general who didn't know a thing or three. And the few three-stars I've met were giants of candlepower, and could think circles around me. As it should be.

But to put things in perspective: All coalition forces in Iraq are commanded by a three-star.

I'm sorry - Rita just doesn't have the same scope or scale.

Maybe they need the three star just to knock the two State Adjutants-General together. But why separate three-stars for Rita and Katrina? Does the Louisiana Adjutant General now answer to two three stars?

Well, no. He answers to the governor of Louisiana.

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One justification is that they are both Joint Task Force commanders, dealing not just with AGs, but commanding the other services. They're also required to deal with the other government agencies. That third star can help in with those other 'audiences'.

The MNF-I coalition is commanded by a four-star, Gen. George Casey.
I think the use of the CONUSA CGs (Honore and Clark) is 'cause they need a three-star over the multiple AG two-stars and our Corps CG three-stars are busy.


Each division in Iraq is headed by a 2 star. The 3 stars are at corps level. Just so you know.

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