Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why commercial financial writing drives me up the wall 
Because when I write a sentence that says "If interest rates continue to rise, bond prices will fall," the lawyers in "compliance" want me to change it to "If interest rates continue to rise, bond prices will probably fall eventually."

I mean, take a freakin' high school economics class, will ya, people?

Rising interest rates and falling bond prices are the EXACT SAME THING!!!!!


I'd never bother reading a financial article that hedged itself into incompetence. The publication would immediately cease to have credibility with me.

Because it's too general a comment, Jason. Look at what's happened over the last two years-interest rates have been raised HOW many times? Yet bonds have managed to, by and large, maintain their value during that period. It depends on what bonds we are discussing, what interest rates, and other factors in the market.
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