Monday, September 26, 2005

New York Times: Intellectual Cripples 
It turns out that the New York Times DOES cover the killing of Abu Azzam. But apparently the killing of Al Qaeda's deputy commander in Iraq, doesn't warrant its own headline.

Instead, these bastards bury the story at the very end of this piece, headlined "Five Teachers Slain in an Iraq School."

Amazingly, the New York Times manages to get through the entire piece without once using the word "terrorist."

Nope. Not once. The Times describes them as "armed men," and "Sunni radicals." And their vile handiwork is referred to not as "murders" or even "killings," but as "attacks." And thus their treatment in the Times's pages is rhetorically indistinguishable from our own attacks against the terrorists.

What in the world do you have to do anymore in order to qualify for the term "terrorist?"

The only instance the word comes up in the article is when the Times quotes a Shia cleric who says "protecting society from terrorists is a religious duty."

That's right. The Iraqis know who the terrorists are. It's a shame the New York Times is so intellectually crippled that they don't, anymore.

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They have at least fix the part about not having its own headline - even made the front page of the web edition - and they at least refer to him as a terrorist, although the ones involved in the killing of the five primary school teachers are still just 'armed men'.
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