Saturday, September 24, 2005

A mouthful of ashes 
Well, that didn't take long.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israel ordered ground forces to the Gaza border Saturday and threatened a "crushing" response after Israeli towns were hit by the first major Hamas rocket barrage from the coastal territory since Israel's pullout two weeks earlier.

What exactly was Israel supposed to gain from the concession? Has Israel ever gained anything from conceding a single inch to these goons? That's not to say that some of the hardcore settlers in the territories don't make for truly obnoxious neigbors. But if an unoccupied Gaza is going to turn into a base of operations for indescriminate rocket attacks against residential areas in Israel, then Gaza must not be unoccupied. Counterguerrilla operations should grant no safe haven. The enemy must be struck where he is. And the people of Gaza must have a vested interest in eliminating the goons from their midst.

Splash, out


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