Monday, September 19, 2005

Well Countercolumn got a good deal of publicity when it got mentioned via Jack Kelly on Drudge and Rush. So I got an inquiry passed to me through my chain of command: "Please tell us what authority you have to speak to the media for the Army.

Well, the answer is none. I do not speak for the Army. This is a personal blog, done on off duty time, and the Army has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

That's why I sign my posts "Jason" rather than with my rank and duty position.

Now, Jack Kelly quoted my rank in his column - as was his right to do, since it was 1.) a statement of fact, which was 2.) germaine to my own credibility as someone with some experience. At no time did I speak to Kelly, nor claim any authorization to speak for the Guard or the Army or anyone else besides my own unit. (Notice I NEVER blog about personnel matters here.)

Actually, I've been resistant to requests for links to the Army, and I do not visit Army PR websites. CENTCOM asked last week if I would post a link to their site, and I resisted it (but when CENTCOM agreed via email that it would not be taken as an erosion of editorial independence I agreed to post a link. (still working on it.)

Countercolumn is simply a pet project from a cantankerous citizen who is a fan of politics and media who happens to be a Guardsman. But any opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and no I don't get a stipend by Karl Rove, and the only politician who EVER sends me political talking points to cover is John Kerry.

And no, the Army didn't ask me to post a disclaimer. But here it is anyway.


Keep 'em coming, Jason. :)

I agree. Keep them coming. You have made no claims concerning knowledge of ongoing operations, and have only related your experience in federal hurricane response, which is considerable. Additionally, most of the comments on your blog are related to you from others with experience and you are only the conduit for their comments.

Let the PAOs complain. They have had no success at getting the military's position printed in the news, so they should be leaping at the chance to pass you good dope on what they want passed on. Since they aren't, one can only assume they are content to keep releasing good news which the MSM bastards won't print, and you and other retired or part-time servicemen, full time patriots will have to be the voice of reason.

And they refuse to rebut the bad news with actual facts. In today's environment, the propaganda war needs to be fought by DoD. It is the only theater we are losing in, because we refuse to bear arms in it at all, and the military failure to answer false charges every day with the weight of fact and our own video is a failure of leadership and imagination.

If they have a problem with that, I'll help you by starting a congressional letter writing campaign regarding the proper way for the Army to make its voice heard, and the disgust with which the retired military community sees them allowing aid and comfort to our enemies through so-called American reporters and their biased journalism, without response from the military. Shots fired, not returned. We are a large community, and I just got back from a class reunion with the most pro-military folks in the world incensed at the world coverage of our forces today. The Army is playing with fire if they intend to go after the only credible conduit which is defending them and their actions, yet leave the lies of the MSM to sap the morale of the troops. The Blogs.

Hang in there, son.

Jason, I'm not military, but we need you to keep the COUNTERCOLUMN flag flying high. You (and all the other MilBlogs) are one of the few (and by far the most reliable, and certainly the most factual) sources of information available to us, certainly not the MSM.

Which raises the other point to me, which is what Subsunk scored a direct hit on - why are the military PAO's wasting their time and efforts on feeding stories and information to information wastelands like CNN, Reuters, AP, and all those other MSM slimepits?

If a PAO is over in Iraq, why aren't they feeding the stories and information to Michael Yon, because he's inside, he knows what is safe to report (put money on it that he won't endanger the troops), and he's honest and fair in his reporting. But instead, the military PAO's seem to go out of their way to stiff him at every turn, even when he's first on the spot with the full & true story.

Being nice and caring for these MSM a**clowns has gotten the military nowhere - why are the PAO's still wasting time trying??? Can't somebody go & lightly tap these folks upside the head with a 2" x 10" and explain it to them - It's time to start all primary communications with your friends, and after that's done, then talk to the MSM - because they are anything but "Friendlies".

What does it take for these PAO "wizards" to figure out they've got the formula backwards?
Most Navy PAOs I've known are only one step removed from being part of the MSM themselves. It seemed like with all the schmoozing and currying favor whenever we had media types or celebrities on board they were setting themselves up for a job within the 'industry' for when they got out.
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