Monday, September 05, 2005

Al Qaeda seizes Al Qaim 
Details from the Washington Post.

There is an opportunity here. They've exposed themselves to attack, but have no hope of holding the town. Will Syria help us isolate the town?

I doubt it. Syria hasn't been serious yet about anything. But I doubt they want to become enablers of Al Qaeda either.

I suspect that Al Queda in Iraq is being pushed to show results, or at least generate videotape, by its sponsors.

Some of the posts I seen by idiots on another forum indicate that they think this is something important. I felt it necessary that the enemy's ability to momentarily capture territory close to their supply sources does not indicate the acme of military strength. Regrettably, the money behind Al Queda is probably just as ignorant about the significance of an insurgency that takes a fixed position.

I suspect that the Coalition is going to do its best to educate all parties on the folly of their actions.
Just suckin' 'em in. ;-)
A sign left on her corpse declared, "A prostitute who was punished."

I too am certain that this will prove a short term gain for them.

But what the 'idiots in another forum' and their ilk (Cindy Sheehan, you hear me?) need to be reminded of is that this is who we are fighting.

We cut and run, and that sign goes on a lot more dead women's bodies.
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