Monday, September 12, 2005

Ain't that the way it always works? 
The one time I make a boneheaded error by mistyping "Frances" is the one time Matt Drudge links to my stuff (Via Jack Kelly's article, which fortunately doesn't provide a direct link or the blogspot server would crash and burn under the onslaught of traffic.)

One thing I'd like to clarify, too, is that I wrote that the Federal government seems to me to have met its standard timelines. I cannot speak for the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama National Guard, as I'm just not in a position to know what specific missions they were assigned in the plan. Kelly's article blurred the distinction. My point was limited to the Federal response.

Doctrinally, the Guard should be out in force well ahead of any significant Federal presence. And local conditions would have made certain Guard missions impossible to execute during and immediately after the storm, no matter how well led the Guard units were, and no matter how thoroughly planned and faithfully executed the disaster response plan was at the state level.

I am confident that leaders at ALL levels, in all organizations affected, will identify a better way of doing business, and I'm confident that all of them made some mistakes along the way.

Mistakes I can forgive.

Whoever it was at the LA Department of Homeland Security who dissuaded the Red Cross from resupplying the Astrodome...let some slack be cut for him or her.

Sure, it was a bloody bad call, in hindsight. But you know what? At that point, this official I can't even name might have been the only person in State government who was willing to try to make a decision! The decision to prioritize resupply to evacuation areas rather than the Astrodome was a bad move, but at least rooted in a plausible strategy: People should have an incentive to LEAVE the area, not stay.

As I wrote before - I can forgive any honest mistake except paralysis.

I think a lot of us could be more forgiving. And having made bad calls myself over the years, I should be first in line to offer it. The day may come when I need it.

Splash, out


Psst. Jason, I think you mean the Superdome.
Hey, Jason - At work, I listen to talk radio out of B'ham every day. This afternoon, the host interviewed Jack Kelly by phone & they quoted some stuff from your blog. I felt so smart because I'd read it when you posted it & had also read Kelly's post at Irish Pennants that ref. it. If folks would get their noses out of TV's & read the MilBlogs, they'd be much better educated. Thanks!!
Uh, yeah. The Superdome.

(...said Jason after taking a second hit on the crack pipe)
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