Saturday, August 27, 2005

"Who's Next?" The Nation looks at Army Recruiting 

The article appears factually correct, and well reported, on the surface, but the author doesn't seem to quite grasp her own reporting. For example, the author notes that the south comes up with a much higher per capita number of recruits, implying that that's because the military preys on poorer kids, but makes no mention of the deep cultural connection of the southern United States with the nation's armed forces, which transcends economics.

I love the snide crack about JROTC instructors being retired military "who may or may not have college degrees."

And this bit:

The Army, which encourages high school career counselors to administer the test--ideally, making it mandatory for all juniors or seniors--has stopped spelling out the acronym in the past few years

Well, newsflash...it's not an Army test. And here's another newsflash: I took the test in 1986 or 87. Nobody spelled it out then, either.

The Nation quotes the parent of a disgraced sailor as advising that parents of interested youngsters tell the recruiters that their child is gay or lesbian. (Heh. Speaking of defamation. Yet another instance in the ever growing body of anecdotal evidence that the American left is increasingly made up of desperate, pathological liars.

I wonder where this sailor, who was discharged under other than honorable conditions, got his moral compass from?

Moreover, in Leftyland, parents become "troubled" by reports that 18 percent of graduates of certain Chicago area military-style schools later enlist in the military, and so move to shut down the schools. The Nation, being the Pravda of Leftyland, of course thinks this is rooted in some sort of normalcy.

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