Friday, August 26, 2005

This is a wonderful time to be a soldier in the U.S. Army. 
So says Joe Roache in this op-ed in the Washington Times.

I agree.

Troop quality is better than ever. Troop morale, from where I sit, seems to be as high as it's ever been, and total strangers in our Army now greet and part no longer strangers, but with an embrace.

In the crucible of combat, our Army and our brothers in the Marine Corps and the Navy corpsmen who support them, has morphed into the biggest family in the world.

All this is under the radar of the Manhattanite and LA media, of course, because it usually takes place far from their eyes, in communities which are strangers to their expense accounts. But it's quite real, and that's why reenlistment rates are so high, and it's part of why the troop quality of new enlistments are so high, and it's part of why our nation's 4th estate is so thoroughly blowing the story.

It's as if the Army and USMC exist in the third dimension and the newspapers are putting their Help Wanted ads in the Flatland Herald Tribune.

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Dropped by your site to get some ideas for a blog I'm putting up about Viet Nam. I was there in 1968, in and around DaNang with the 1st Marine Division. You might find it interesting ! ---Jack--- vietnam war soldiers
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